Daily words
immõr adv
(a) ümber, ringi ▫ apkārt, ap ♦ amā immõr E IE ümberringi ▫ visapkārt; immõr kǟ’dõ ümber käia ▫ staigāt apkārt; immõr vaņtlõ ümber vaadata ▫ paraudzīties apkārt; immõr võttõ Lk21.20 ümber piirata ▫ ielenkt (b) ümber, kummuli ▫ apkārt, otrādi (c) läbi ▫ apkārt, cauri ● Se kū u’m immõr. KK78 See kuu on läbi. ▫ Tas mēnesis ir apkārt. (d) umbes ▫ aptuveni ♦ immõr sadā āigast āigal K83 E VII umbes saja aasta jooksul ▫ aptuveni simt gadu laikā

krǭpš s
 kaabits, kraap ▫ skrāpis

ä’b|sieldistiz adv
 ebaselgesti, segaselt ▫ neskaidri ● Polākõz rõkāndõb ä’bsieldistiz. Poiss räägib ebaselgelt. ▫ Zēns runā neskaidri. Se kēra u’m ä’bsieldistiz kēratõt. See kiri on ebaselgelt kirjutatud. ▫ Šī vēstule ir neskaidri uzrakstīta.

In 2018, thanks to the work of Līvõ Kultūr sidām (Livonian Culture Centre) and support for this work from the Republic of Latvia’s Ministry of Culture, this portal is reaching its readers in a new, updated form. Livones.net continues to be a storehouse of extensive information on the Livonians, their culture, language, and history. The portal now has a new appearance and has been supplemented with several important new sections.

The most significant of these is lingua.livones.net, which contains several different Livonian language resources accessible at the top of the page. This section contains the Livonian-Estonian-Latvian dictionary, which has been supplemented with word forms and other data from the Livonian language corpus and is updated on a continuous basis, the Livonian place name register, a list of Livonian borrowings into Latvian, and other resources for learning about and studying Livonian.

The next most important section is the Library, which contains articles, links, and videos relating to the Livonians arranged by category.

We wish you success in learning about Livonian culture!

1866 – in Lūžņa village, Lot Lindenberg, a narrator of Liv traditional songs and poet was born. Died in 1946.
1950 – Zoja Sīle, a Liv language teacher and author of the Liv ABC, a lifelong member of the ensemble Līvlist was born.
1923 – in Mazirbe vicarage the Liv flag was consecrated
1998 – following the initiative of the Liv Culture Centre and the International Liv Friends’ Society the President of Ministers passed an order to establish a working group to draw up the state long-term program ‘Livs in Latvia’.
1796 – in Miķeļtornis village in Viļumi farmstead, Jāņ Prints, Sen., a Liv poet and translator was born. Died in 1868.